Target Launches Plus Size Workwear line | In the News

This must be the year of clothing lines for Target. They have recently announced that they are going to roll out yet another in house clothing line , Prologue. Unlike many of the other lines that it has recently rolled out, this particular line has a workwear and size inclusive focus. Keep scrolling for details and my top picks.

The size range is larger than usual Target’s initial , running from xs-4XL. The max Bust/Waist/Hip measurements are 57/53.5/59 respectively. These measurements lend themselves to be accomodating for many body types and sizes.

The Prices are very affordable. Everything is $50 and under , making for a affordable work capsule.

Many of the pieces are cut in a way that are #corneroffice ready. I love the sleek designs and the simple but effective cuts. I wish there was just a bit more color. Basics don’t always have to be blacks, whites and 50 shades of gray. An orange pant or even a cream blouse would have made this entire collection pop a bit more. But I understand the practicality of keeping the color palette simple. I also wish that all pieces in the 95 piece collection were offered in all sizes.

Overall, the collection is a very strong debut. It gives very “grown woman” full of staple pieces that are far from boring. The line releases Sept. 14 and you may a piece or two soon on the blog. Which piece is your favorite? View the full collection here and tell me what you think.


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