The DIY Striped Pants set | OOTD

This entire outfit is the result of an honest mistake. But it has become my favorite mistake. The two main striped pieces aren’t a set, but in fact a duster and Paper bag waist slack I bought at different points.


The duster was a great staple addition to my wardrobe with a belt I opted out of wearing this time and comfy slits in the back. It’s a great option for outwear in warmer climates. Thick blazer are a no for me and this Florida heat.

The paper bag waist pants were a risk hat paid off. I’m a pear shaped woman with a larger lower belly. the paperboy portion of the pant helps define my waist without clinging.


I could have gone with a classic white tee. The look would still have been clean and polished. But I’m currently having fun again with graphic tees and decided on something more fun. I was just following the tees’s directions— “Be as bold as your lipstick”. At this point this t-shirt is bold for me


Pant- SHEIN | Duster- SHEIN | Shirt- SHEIN

I combined the duster and pants once i realized Stripes of a feather must be worn together. lol. I’m definitely mixing and matching all there pieces , but this DIY pants set has shown me that a well curated wardrobe is full os stylish surprises.


Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 1.31.38 pm.png