Top Basics for any wardrobe | Style tips

It’s hard to know what’s stylish with the ever changing trends coming by the flood every season. But having a strong style is knowing how timeless looks that are constant, no matter what trends are hot now. Throughout my own journey, I have found a few pieces that have stood the test of time, fashion and my ever changing tastes.

  1. Little black dress/ jumpsuit

A classic is a classic for a reason, right? I thin it’s time to update this classic to fit every need. The dress doesn’t have to be sleeveless. I personally don’t like my arms out at all if I can. Try a LBD with mesh sleeves or another print on the sleeves all together. Try one that plays with the neck line. Try a twisted or bardot neckline to give an updated vintage feel. Or go without the dress at all.

2. Jumpsuit

Many women don’t like dresses, but it doesn’t mean you go without a classic look. The jumpsuit has been reinvented many times over the past 100 years. That means it has staying and playing power. Try a nice textured jumpsuit or one with a high collar for a little added drama. Play up the new standard with a Peterpan collar. This is perfect for the stylista that likes her knees covered without a dress.

3. Print shoe

Let me make a case for the print shoe as a new classic. There are many tastes that are minimal and simplistic in nature. There are many that are not. Where all styles can be celebrated is footwear. No matter the size or taste, a print shoe can provide the pop a print can give without it taking over the look. A print can be as simple as a small stripe or as complex as a mixed print pattern. The shoe can make that simple jumpsuit or dress festive with little to no extra work. I also consider a textured she the equivalent of a print because of the contrast.

4. White shirt dress

This is an all in one piece for all seasons. You can wear it as a dress, cardigan, layering top, or underneath a sweater. It’s the ultimate piece or your wardrobe for the versatility alone. You should also never underestimate the clean look of a crisp white piece in your closet It truly goes a long way.

My top 4 basics will have your wardrobe luxe in no time. Even putting those four pieces together will yield you at least 5 distinct looks that are timeless and effortless. Do you have a favorite piece? Are any of these pieces in your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!


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