EGCTV #004: Website Review Grass Fields | Review & Try-on

This episode of EGCTV is a haul video highlighting Grass fields, An African print inspired clothing boutique. Watch the video below to see my full review and the look of the clothes.

Overall I was pleased with a few exceptions. I would recommend them and will buy from them again.

Navigation: 10

| It was very straightforward with not too many pages to navigate. I loved the simple, straight forward approach.

Sizing Chart: 8

| There are accommodating to many different sizes, I just wanted more plus size representation of the models.

Price Range: 9 

| Affordable piece, on and off the sales rack. Their sales rack, however, is a goldmine!

Style: 8 

| Love the balance of simple slacks and two pieces sets contrasting the colorful designs of the pants and skirts.

Shipping: 10

| From the UK, but came faster than their predicted shipping.

Quality: 9

| The seams, cuts and designs are impeccable. Simple was definitely done right.

Fit: 6

| The fabrics stretch , but do not thin. There are not bulging areas on the skirt nor the pants. The print pants were a strong no. Fit was not ok and I was told that I was not alone in my sentiments. Many have complained and they are now changing it completely.

Sale: 9

| Their sales area is epic. Go there First

Which Piece was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! Also watch the rest of the videos on my IGTV channel here.


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