Egchronicles 004#: Checkout lane chic

I opened the fridge for breakfast and realize that there was nothing to have. Good. Grocery shopping day it is. I meal prep and I often cook shoes for last week 3 or 4 days at the time. It's for time management purposes and I hate cooking over a hot stove every day and the sweltering heat that Florida brings. So off to the grocery store.

I thought "oh nothing too serious to wear, it's just a grocery store." Then I stopped myself. If a client were to say that same thing to me, what would I say? I would address it and remind them that no matter where they're going, it's not about the destination; it's about the person that you're celebrating. So you celebrate you at all times.


Shirt: SHEIN | Pants: SHEIN

I had to check myself and decided hey why not try something new. I picked up this great print shirt from SHEIN and knew immediately I had to style it ASAP. So I paired it with some bold red pants, polka dot shoes and walked out the door. It just so happened that my mom was outside waiting on my brother. Of course, I go to her car and the first thing she asked me is the same thing most people, including family, ask-- "Where are you going? You're dressed so nicely." I think they would expect this from me, but it never ceases to happen every single time I get dressed. I respond "to the grocery store" to which my mom responds "of course" before she giggles. The conversation struck a nerve.

Most people believe that you put in effort only when there is a special occasion. I am the special occasion, therefore, I'm always worth dressing for. I don't dress up. I simply get dressed. I don't care if I'm going to the grocery store or to the Met Gala. I'm going to step outside my absolute best even at the gym. Not anything outlandish but something well put together to celebrate me and my body where it is. Not the body that could be. Not where the body used to be. Where it is now. There isn't a grocery trip, birthday party or any event that doesn't get me there at my absolute best dressed. Now to turn this pasta aisle into a runway............


Shirt: SHEIN | Pants: SHEIN

Do you find yourself wearing more "who's going to notice" than "I'm going to notice" ensembles? If so, it's time to get some clarity and purpose for your image with the 10 piece capsule. 10 pieces that are great for the grocery store to cocktail hour and everything in between. A system that sets you up for success every time with overflowing combinations. Let's get you checkout chic in no time. Schedule your consult and make the most of every trip outside your door.




EGchronicles #002: A case for the bold and loose

In my conversations with clients, I have noticed a unfortunate trend. In an effort to be curvaceous, stylish, or anything akin to feminine, the preference is for something tight and discreet. Not because It's the actual preference. It's because it's the celebrated preference. You know the type. The pin-up look. The Instagram model look. The perfect chiseled curves even in plus-size bodies. I call the plus-size version the safe fat version. Tight, fitted clothes to the silhouette to show how womanly you can be. There's nothing wrong with this being your preference because it fits your aesthetic. There is a huge problem with it being your preference because you want to maintain with something you don't identify with. But you fear missing out on it. So why not lead the charge for embracing looser clothing boldy? Then came this dress.


Dress: Shein

This dress comes in a boxy cut. For most women it’s intimidating because it instantly implies that the shape of the wearer will be boxy as well. But I can't see this as a problem. Many focus on being shapely almost to the point of obsession. I've had to come to terms with it myself, even while buying this dress. I wanted to get it taken in and then I would have taken a picture of it. I was even going to create a post about getting things tailored with a before-and-after. While I still believe tailoring is necessary, some pieces aren’t necessary.


Dress: Shein

I had to check myself. How can I preach adaptability, accepting one's body, and all things style if I can't follow my own rules? I had to check the source of these red flags. Me. What I found was that I was gripping with a change in my body again. And this time it didn't feel as comfortable as it had in the past. My body is changing in ways that, as I get older, I don't quite understand. And we all know what happens when we don't understand. We flare up instantly dislike it. It's human nature. The fear of the unknown. But in this winging it / experimental phase of My Life & Style Journey, I'm going to do something different;embrace it.

So I got this dress and about four more pieces like it. Not tailoring it but knowing that it will still fit my body be my personal style preference and still look lovely. Embrace looseness and wear it boldy. What’s the worst that can happen ? You may like it.


So Many Options..png

3 WAYS TO STYLE: Black, White & Jean all over | Style Inspiration | Lookbook

This mini lookbook was inspired by an iconic Janet Jackson video. It is the “Love will never do without you” video. If for some reason you do not know this video let me explain. This video is virtually nothing but Janet on a beach smiling dancing around in jeans and tank top combo with lightly tossed hair. That's it. But the visual is so iconic for its Simplicity and sexy cool, Janet’s calling card.  This image has stuck with me because it's one of the first times that I can remember looking at someone and saying wow that's what a woman should look like. Not because of it being Janet Jackson with this gorgeous body. It was because of the confidence that she carried and how beautiful she looked in such a simple outfit. I aligned being a woman with being confident. From that moment on that was how I viewed Womanhood and being stylish. It never left me. I wanted to create a lookbook with my version of that outfit and how I can make different variations to fit my style. Let's dig into the looks.


I'm going through this phase that I don't think is really a phase, but a new standard. I love to put a dress over any look, no matter what I'm wearing. It's great for layering, acting as a duster world without the added sleeves. I wanted something on top, but I didn't want to cover up the billowy sleeves of the beautiful blouse that I was wearing. The dress meet both criteria.


This look lacks a white piece but still goes to the same feel. I put two dresses on top of each other. One dress acts more like a long tunic with the ruffle sleeves. The other acts as it did in the previous look as a duster. Something about the same colors with different textures always elevates a look no matter how simple the pieces.


This last look is the purest form of my interpretation of the video. I love Chris White tops. But until recently, they didn't love me back. It's because I'm a Messy eater. I could be eating plain rice, and somehow a Barbeque Stain will find its way on any white shirt I wore. I've gotten better with the voiding the stains and I'm falling in love with a white shirt again. I'm so glad I get to relive this look and if you want to buy a crisp white top this is the perfect one. It has a v neck some details on the wrist above all else it can fit in accommodate many a body type. I shortened it by taking it under itself because of my waste setting higher on my body than others. I even ventured out with my choice of June. I chose one that has rips and tears, string from my usual classic cut Jean. I wanted to give a feeling of relaxed chic. I got it.


I gladly used an iconic moment in music to inspire me to play up my version of simplicity. Which look was your favorite? Will you interpret the look in your own way? Let me know!

EGCTV #001: Haul

Emerald Girl Chronicles is officially on IGTV! I took it upon myself to celebrate by sharing a haul of cute pieces I picked up from Keep scrolling to see thew video haul, links to the items and some tips on how to care for the items. Dig in! 





Both of these dresses are great "grab and go" pieces for when you're running errands from day to day. The geometric sheath dress works well for virtually every body type and is easily customizable to to your shape with a short trip to a tailor.





Both of these tops contain hardware on them hooch means one thing: extra laundry care. To lengthen the shelf life of the tops, take it to the dry cleaners. Not only will the color stay crisper for longer, but the hardware will not tarnish. If something falls off, they may even be able to reconnect hardware. 



Both of these dusters are great starter pieces if you are new to shopping Asian based websites as a plus size woman. Since they are made to lay open and be free flowing, it can easily accommodate 


Which piece was your favorite? Don't forget to follow EGC on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in Plus Size style! 


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