Egchronicles 004#: Checkout lane chic

I opened the fridge for breakfast and realize that there was nothing to have. Good. Grocery shopping day it is. I meal prep and I often cook shoes for last week 3 or 4 days at the time. It's for time management purposes and I hate cooking over a hot stove every day and the sweltering heat that Florida brings. So off to the grocery store.

I thought "oh nothing too serious to wear, it's just a grocery store." Then I stopped myself. If a client were to say that same thing to me, what would I say? I would address it and remind them that no matter where they're going, it's not about the destination; it's about the person that you're celebrating. So you celebrate you at all times.


Shirt: SHEIN | Pants: SHEIN

I had to check myself and decided hey why not try something new. I picked up this great print shirt from SHEIN and knew immediately I had to style it ASAP. So I paired it with some bold red pants, polka dot shoes and walked out the door. It just so happened that my mom was outside waiting on my brother. Of course, I go to her car and the first thing she asked me is the same thing most people, including family, ask-- "Where are you going? You're dressed so nicely." I think they would expect this from me, but it never ceases to happen every single time I get dressed. I respond "to the grocery store" to which my mom responds "of course" before she giggles. The conversation struck a nerve.

Most people believe that you put in effort only when there is a special occasion. I am the special occasion, therefore, I'm always worth dressing for. I don't dress up. I simply get dressed. I don't care if I'm going to the grocery store or to the Met Gala. I'm going to step outside my absolute best even at the gym. Not anything outlandish but something well put together to celebrate me and my body where it is. Not the body that could be. Not where the body used to be. Where it is now. There isn't a grocery trip, birthday party or any event that doesn't get me there at my absolute best dressed. Now to turn this pasta aisle into a runway............


Shirt: SHEIN | Pants: SHEIN

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Emerald Chronicles: Sunshine by the ton

I felt an icky hot mess this day. Like I wanted to do nothing but stare at the ceiling and eat cookies. My husband had a free day and I had previously told him I wanted to take some pics a few days earlier. But today? I wanted to take a rain check. But then it hit me— this was one of THOSE times where the true consistency I swear I wanted came for its first payment.

The reality of consistency is simple— it requires dedication without question and often costs the comfort of winging it and procrastination. So I pushed through my comfort and the blankets and got dressed.



I stepped outside to a gorgeously crisp day with little clouds and lots of warm bright rays of sunshine. That warmth melted my chilly mood and of course once hubby lifted that camera, it was a wrap. I posed and twirled my way to a couple of smiles and a better mood. My choice of consistency rewarded me in a way sporadic spurts of dedication could not give. Had I stayed in bed, I would have bah humbugged my way through the day and later scrambled for rushed pics with forced smiles that I never would use.


DRESS: Thrifted (Similar) | SKIRT: Aloha Glamour

I got so happy, I decided to just try something. anything. So I had the audacity to put a skirt over my dress because I thought they had similar color schemes and by golly, it worked. I would have NEVER in a million years combined those two things because for some reason it didn’t cross my mind. Consistency’s reward was a new perspective for more. And can we talk about these bomb pics? The cherry on top!

I’m a work in progress that actually saw progress today. How can you do the same today? Let me know your consistency goals in the comments.


Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 1.31.38 pm.png

Golden Skirt, Ivy Top | OOTD

A little change and surprise never hurt any closet. This combo came from a mistake order gone great and a minor change to the original garment. The skirt was originally a dress. But I loved the skirt so much I forgot that I ordered a dress. The color is also one that compliments most skin tones. It makes my skin pop and best of all it has some solid pockets. I’m a short girl so a maxi skirt has to sit high on me—perfect for my pear shape. Then there’s the shirt.


Top - SHEIN | Skirt- Grass fields


Top - SHEIN | Skirt- Grassfields

The top was originally extra long. Good if I had a longer torso, but that ain’t my reality. I had to get it taken up by a few inches. I only did this because I planned on styling it as a shorter top. You can play around with the length by tucking or tying.

The combination of the two colors is making the most of color blocking basics. Find out more here.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 1.31.38 pm.png

The DIY Striped Pants set | OOTD

This entire outfit is the result of an honest mistake. But it has become my favorite mistake. The two main striped pieces aren’t a set, but in fact a duster and Paper bag waist slack I bought at different points.


The duster was a great staple addition to my wardrobe with a belt I opted out of wearing this time and comfy slits in the back. It’s a great option for outwear in warmer climates. Thick blazer are a no for me and this Florida heat.

The paper bag waist pants were a risk hat paid off. I’m a pear shaped woman with a larger lower belly. the paperboy portion of the pant helps define my waist without clinging.


I could have gone with a classic white tee. The look would still have been clean and polished. But I’m currently having fun again with graphic tees and decided on something more fun. I was just following the tees’s directions— “Be as bold as your lipstick”. At this point this t-shirt is bold for me


Pant- SHEIN | Duster- SHEIN | Shirt- SHEIN

I combined the duster and pants once i realized Stripes of a feather must be worn together. lol. I’m definitely mixing and matching all there pieces , but this DIY pants set has shown me that a well curated wardrobe is full os stylish surprises.


Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 1.31.38 pm.png


Today was a simple day, like any other. I didn't have any appointments or major meetings. I  threw on a simple dress from NY & CO (with pockets..!!!!) and went about my day.



Click to find Similar dress from NY & CO

Click to find Similar dress from NY & CO


Such a simple day and ensemble made me realize how powerful simplicity can be . We often align individuality and complicated as having equivalent meanings. That alignment often causes us to sacrifice our true individuality. This is especially true when it comes to style. Individual style isn't necessarily having exclusive or expensive pieces. It's about how you wear what you wear. I guarantee you that if you gave 5 women the same dress to wear , it would look completely different on each of them.




Click to find Similar dress from NY & CO

Click to find Similar dress from NY & CO


You, by nature are individual. There is no need to add on. Having an authentic style is having a simple style. There is no complication in being authentic.  Even if your style is more Betsey Johnson and Less Coco Chanel, it's still simple-- it's simply you. 



Ciao for Now,

Jumpin Bugundy Jumpsuit |OOTD

Today was quite the adventure. I woke up wanting to do something a little outside my normal routine. It started with my choice of outfit. This jumpsuit is one of the most comfortable and flattering pieces I own. I don't have many jumpsuits or maroon pieces, but this piece makes me second guess why. When I put this on and looked in the mirror, it just made me want to go out and try something new. It must have been contagious because my husband felt the same way. We both had free afternoons at the same time (which is rare for us) so we explored the little neighborhoods in Chicago after a half price sushi lunch. (Can we say yummy?????lol) This jumpsuit moves well and even after stuffing my face full of food, The jumpsuit held up in the flattering department. Keep scrolling for more info and outfit details. 


Jumpsuit - Eloquii

Ciao for Now,


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Today was a very relaxing day. I had a couple of minor errands to finish, but I spent the day reflecting on my short journey in blogging. I got sick about a week ago and it really knocked the wind out of my sails. I began to doubt my purpose, became frustrated with what I thought was a lack of growth with my business and I thought that maybe I was not as successful as I originally thought. Today was going to be full of taping, blogging and consultation, but I had to get my mentality in check. I simply just chilled in humility and gratitude today. I have a gift and an opportunity to share that gift with others. Everyone does not have that luxury. I also clocked the "instant-gratification- millennial" breaking out. I am usually one for working hard in silence for a long time and seeing the fruits of my labor unfold in due time. But for some reason, sitting with my thoughts on a sick bed made me impatient. There are a million bloggers out there with gifts just like mine. Empires are not made in a month, so until I have paid the cost to be the boss, I need to keep chipping at it one day at a time. Keep scrolling for more pics and outfit details.

Boots- DSW (similar)

Turtle neck- Thrifted

Pants- Boohoo

Vest- Thrifted Ciao for Now,


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After seeing the 9 degree temperature forecast today, I stayed indoors for most of the day. This Georgia peach was not quite ready for the Chicago winds at 8 in the morning. I put on Netflix, did some work for a few hours and realized I had class. The forecast improved to a warm 21, so I hopped up and immediately put on my favorite lipstick for some outfit inspiration. Don't let the pictures fool you-- I am wearing about five layers underneath this "outfit shell". I am slowly but surely learning how to dress fashionably, yet warmly for the true Chicago winters. Hopefully I will figure out a way to finally debut a dress or skirt look this week.Stay Tuned. Keep scrolling for outfit breakdown/details.

Shirt- Forever 21

Pants- Forever 21(similar)

Vest- Dress link

Necklace- Charming Charlie's

Shoes- Target

Ciao for Now,


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