Dressbarn rebrands themselves as Roz & Ali | IN THE NEWS

Another day, another company revamp. This time it is the plus size staple company Dressbarn. Originally started in 1962 as a discount clothing store. Through the years, it has come to be one of the few places plus size women could count on to provide clothing up to sizes 24 and beyond. Now? They are moving in a new direction. 


Pictures courtesy of amarillo.com

Pictures courtesy of amarillo.com

Dressbarn is now aiming to rebrand with a new name and a new look. Roy and Liz is Dressbarn's answer to a push for the ever growing luxury/boutique industry. According to Dressbarn's CEO George Goldfarb, Roz & Ali "is fashion designed with our customer in mind — a place where the entire experience is hers for the shopping.” This will include not only the boutique look, but experience like in store stylists more curated styles. They have already rolled out in 11 states and will be finalized by April 2018. The reception remains to be seen.

I must say that I am presently surprised with this recent revamp and I can't wait to see how they will fully change their format. This new change, in my honest opinion, is much needed and overdue. This is just one of many revamps in the staples we have come to count on as plus size staples. What do you think of this revamp? Let me know in the comments below. 


Kate Spade and Keds Unite!

Kate Spade expanded her girly chic empire with a collab with a comfy shoe staple-KEDS. This time around they have a holiday themed collection and Kate does not disappoint. Keep scrolling for pics. 


All pictures courtesy of keds.com


The Classic kids get a girly spritz. Many of the shoes are covered in varying range of colored sparkles and classic Kate Spade New York Prints. My favorites are the Polka dot and silver pairs. Kate puts her classic spin on the shoes with her signature spade on the back vibrant color pairings for her prints. 

The collection prices range from $44 (on Sale) to $99, so pretty affordable. Going up to a size 11, these cuties are up for grabs and available for everyone. Tell me which one is your favorite in the comments. 

OOTD 10.18.17- Orange Jumpsuit (Workwear Inspo)

I work with many women in corporate industries who want more from their office wear. The simplest advice I can give is try something that speaks to your personality. Sometimes that means color. Other times that may mean killer accessories. Whatever it means to you, know workwear doesn't have to be frumpy. Define your own version of fabulous. If that doesn't come easy to you, take this Outfit of the day (#OOTD) and be inspired. Scroll for outfit details and tips.


Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 10.56.52 AM.png

*Jumpsuits are a great go to for any body type. Choose wisely by finding jumpsuits that accentuate your favorite asset with favorable draping. This jumpsuit is great for stylistas who are fuller up top. It is a great compromise between fullness without adding bulk. 

Jumpsuit * Bag

*Keep it simple and go for solid colors if you want to strengthen your stye muscle. So many stylists in training think style comes with mixing points. It actually starts with mastering the basics of color. Start simple, build consistently and you'll be a pro in no time. This jumpsuit is the perfect Autumn burnt Orange that works on virtually every skin tone. 

Ring* Shoes* Bracelet

*A great fit doesn't have to mean tight. Aim for something that you can move easily in. You wear too many hats to feel constricted by fabric. A good fit is one that helps you walk with a smooth confident stride. That can mean a close fit to the body or an oversized cut. This jumpsuit meets in the middle. If you have naturally broader shoulders, the neckline with help accentuate it nicely. 

Take this #OOTD and apply it to your own closet with the items you have. If you feel like this outfit can be apart of your new normal, click on the links and grab yours now. 



Tracee Ellis Ross to collab with JC Penny on New clothing line | IN THE NEWS

A new exciting collab is right around the corner! Tracee Ellis Ross is teaming up with JC Penny and debuting a full clothing line. Much lauded for her looks on and off the red Carpet, Tracee has cemented herself as as stylista in addition to being an actress. I am very excited at the thought of being able to essentially shop her creativity. Let's have a closer sneak peek look at some of her offerings. 


All pictures courtesy of glamour.com

All pictures courtesy of glamour.com

In true Tracee fashion, the preview cements her quirky mix of classic and fashion forward pieces. According to reports, she will also have accessories and home items in the 40+ piece collection. Some highlights are definitely the "Glow" dress and the modern tuxedo. The best part of all? It will go up to a size 3X and may include the entire collection IN STORES. Tracee is definitely outdoing herself for her debut collection. 

When it comes to this line, Tracee herself was very careful to think carefully about what style and fashion meant to her. "I feel that clothing can be your armor and also your joy. I sort of [go] between the two: Sometimes it’s how I protect myself and sometimes it’s how I express myself. I feel like this collection has both—the tux is sort of your armor, and the "Glow" dress is your joy. Everything falls somewhere in between on those."

I love the fact that many of her pieces are oversized and yet inclusive to size other lines often ignore. (The 3X + crowd.) And since this is a celeb collab, yo won't have t worry about the back of the store treatment. The line releases November 12. What pieces are your early faves? Let me know in the comments. 

Ciao for Now!


What type of shopper are you? | Style Advice

Over the course of this Labor Day weekend you're probably looking around websites and in stores to find some great deals. It's time like this that you need to remind yourself of what kind of shopper you are. It may seem like it's not necessary, but sometimes knowing the type of shopper you are can help you avoid a few pitfalls.



* Headwrap- Target * Top- Shein * Leggings- Eloquii * Shoes- Forever21 *


The type of shopper you are directly correlates with how you feel about yourself. For example there are insecure shoppers who shop according to what they hate as opposed to what they love.  Not understanding that when you shop like this, you never truly find clothes that you actually want to wear; just clothes that you hate a little less than others.

There's also those of you who are label shoppers-- you don't like to wear clothes unless it is a name brand or unless you get an extreme deal on them.  Sometimes during weekends like Labor Day, weekend prices are spiked up to be cut down only by 20%. It makes it seem like you get a deal when in fact you're paying more for something that cost less not even two weeks ago.  On the flip side, name brands that are making you go to places like outlet malls, don't tell you that the outlet pieces are not manufactured by the same company as their high-end pieces. Then there is the mannequin shopper.



They trust the mannequin or the store display to the point where they will buy it off as is, no questions asked.This just compounds wasting time, energy, money and frustration.  All of these types of shoppers are about the clothes, sales and store,  but not about the most important aspect-- YOU. You should be the most important aspect when shopping. That is why I suggest you become a closet shopper. A closet shopper is someone who knows who they are, and the value in the clothes that they wear. Once you are a closet shopper, you are aware of everything that you wear hats value because you are valuable. No insecure shopper here.

Closet shoppers also know that the label does not dictate quality value. Definitely not a mannequin shopper. You can stop in front of your closet and know that every piece is going to be representative of who you are and what you have to say.  More than that, you can also take a little and make quite a lot. I myself am a closet shopper and I know that I can take just 10 pieces of clothing and dress myself for the whole month. If you want to change the way that you shop , dress ,and style, come join me  here.



Best transitional piece for Summer to Fall

Where at the top of the month of September. That means a few things. First we're only a few weeks away from fall and  the last quarter of the year. More importantly, September marks the transitional period from Summer to fall. . I've already made a huge weather transition going from Chicago to Florida, but I have been able to pick a  piece that allows me to feel comfortable no matter what weather comes my way. Want to know what that piece is? Keep scrolling. 


It's the T-shirt dress. It has been a big trend as of lately but I think you should keep it going into the fall season for a few seasons. First it's versatile. You can throw on a skirt or some leggings if it gets too cool or throw it over  a body con for a easy chic look perfect for warm weather. It can be a thinner cardigan or a dress as is. So many  outfit possibilities.


Neiman Marcus                   ELOQUII

T- shirt dresses are also great for so many different body types. Most of these type dresses are looser cut , so you can customize it to fit your shape. Wear a belt, accessorize wth a scarf, or on a transitional day, wear some booties. You get to compliment the best parts of your body. Have a larger belly? Wear it tucked in a maxi skirt or as a long cardigan with a tank and a slim pant. Fuller hips? wrap that scarf at your waist. 

Go out and grab a T-Shirt dress or two in time for fall . I've included my picks throughout the post and a few more below. 



Review | New Plus size Brand: Premme | Review and Thoughts


I woke up to some very exciting news-- Plus size bloggers Gabifresh and Nicolette debuted their own Plus size clothing line called Premme. With many of the items selling out quick, it's obvious the plus size streets have been waiting on it for a while. I wanted to bring you an honest concise review that include the ins and outs of this barely day old brand. 


Picture courtesy of Premme's IG page

Picture courtesy of Premme's IG page


My first thought when glancing around was that this was a clothing line for the younger carefree plus size woman who loves her curves and having fun with fashion. It has a perfect balance of pastels and trends mixed with modernized staples and vibrant colors. 


The Good: I think what strikes me the most is their sizing systems. They are already one of the most inclusive brands, going up to a size 30. Plus size ladies know that after size 22/24, even the top plus size brands leave much to be desired. They offer all of their pieces up to a size 30. There isn't some specialized line of clothing for them. They are included with everyone else. That in itself is groundbreaking. I also like the affordable price point of many of the pieces. Although the fashion may be trendy, the cuts and accommodations make it on par to be more than a fly by night collab. They also include multiple sized women, their measurements and how they styled them. 


The not so good: The biggest bummer is that they do not accept PayPal or Stripe. As established as they are, why wouldn't either of these payment platforms have worked? either way, it hasn't stopped folks from buying.lol. The only other downside is the limited number of pieces. I think a good start out collection would have at least 20. With both of their platforms combined over the million follower mark , and Gabby's other highly successful swimsuit line, they had to know they needed more.But having your own clothing line is a serious undertaking. 

Picture courtesy of Premme's IG page

Picture courtesy of Premme's IG page


Overall I can tell that this clothing line is leaps and bounds ahead of it's older,larger competitors already. inclusive sizing, detailed model measurements, style tips and nice pieces. ALL a plus. This was designed/created for by and with plus size bodies in mind. It took two experienced bloggers to finally give us what we have been searching for. Congrats ladies!. Find my top picks below and shop Premme here.

Pick #1: Denim dress

Pick #1: Denim dress

Pick #2 Jersey Crop top

Pick #2 Jersey Crop top




Top Picks | Talbots End of Season Sale

Talbots creeped into my inbox this morning and broke my heart. They released news of their Red hanger Sale and man is it great! There are some great, quality pieces with just enough variety to make your work week chic. I'm moving across the country in the next 10 days, so I can't order, but that doesn't mean I can't look.lol. I've picked some of my favorites and they are included below. Just click directly on the picture that interests you and it will lead you to the landing page. Keep scrolling and start clicking!

Which pick was your favorite? I personally looooove the blazer with the fur collar.I'm a sucker for a faux fur. If you're still in the mood, feel free to check out my own moving sale here. I have some cute, quality pieces that any stylist would love to add to her closet. 



Fashion inspiration comes from everywhere | Style inspiration comes from you

  Fashion is seen as such a creative outlet to many, but few outside of couture fashion houses  have  looked past previous clothing trend to gain   fashion inspiration. My tip is to look at the mundane things of life to gain inspiration, because design is all around you.

I look everywhere from detergent bottles to my niece's doodles to a puddle on the ground. The biggest fashion inspiration I have ever received came from a touring petting zoo . Yes-- a touring petting zoo. I went to the annual fair and came across the petting zoo tucked in the back. The most striking animals? A peacock and a young duckling. The peacock's feathers were obviously very striking, but it was its skin that left the biggest impression. I had never seen such a distinct texture in my life and have looked for similar textures within my clothing choices since. The young crested duckling had the most beautifully opaque pink feathers. The way they laid created a soft pink sheen that I had never seen before.I began to notice and appreciate softer pink and suede textures from that forth. That day I had an epiphany-- everything around me is designed. Fashion is everywhere and it's up to me (and you) to realize its presence in the unlikeliest of places. Go walk outside.Look at the packaging of the food you eat.Study building structures. Inspiration will strike when you least expect it.

So what do you do once that inspiration strikes? You filter it according to what aligns with your personality and style. Because contrary to fashion, style should only come form you. It is simply an extension of your personality. I look at the inspiration for characteristics I like, but my style is a culmination of not just what I like, but also who I am and what I want to say. It's a lot more layered. That's why it's so important to have clothes that represent you. When you get up in the morning and get dressed, do you feel inspired? Do you feel like your clothes are an extension of who you are ? If not, that's ok. Many people unlearn the creativity that gives their style spice. That's why I'm here. to ensure you get it all back. The first step is getting rid of all the other sources of style that aren't from you. Clean out that closet with me by signing up for Wardrobe Detox here and put all that inspiration and style to good use.


At this point, I have a closet full of dresses. More specifically short, sleeveless dress. With my style going through yet another change, I am incorporating more dresses into my eclectic style. It brought something to my attention-- many people don't layer their dresses like their pants and skirts. I think it's the best thing you can do for your closet. 




Dress- NY & CO (SIMILAR) | TOP -  SHEIN 


I think of it pretty logically. A dress is a shirt skirt combo. It should be treated by such. Once you think of it as pieces of a unit instead of a complete unit, you style as wanted. . I will focus on this very technique with another installment of 3 Ways to Slay very soon.  




| Dress- NY & CO (SIMILAR) | TOP -  SHEIN |


You must think outside of the box when it comes to your style. An article of clothing does not have to have only one  purpose. Most of the clothes you wear can be repurposed, or used for different looks. It simply takes creativity and personality. Once you think of each article as a piece of a look instead of a complete look, you open up the possibilities for a signature style. But it starts with you.

When you get dressed tomorrow, ask yourself how you can style that a line dress a little differently. A top noted at the side? A tunic? A circle skirt? Try it out once this week and tell me in the comments.

If you find yourself still stuck and uninspired, you may need a detox. Sometimes we face lots of "noise" in our closets-- pieces you don't like, that don't like you and that you never wear. That's why I created my Wardrobe Detox. It's a series of masterclasses that help get rid of the mess and allow you to only wear your best. You can find more details here and sign up. Your closet will thank you. 

Ciao for Now,

Know your style Is and Aint's | STYLE ADVICE

Imagine going into a new restaurant and looking at the menu deciding what to order. You know what you like and what you don’t like , so that influences your choices. You don’t waste time or money looking at menu items you don’t like or please you. What makes the choice easier? Deleting the automatic  The same thing applies when it comes to style.  


You want to know what works for you and what works with your style. Knowing the importance of both can save you time, energy, frustration and perhaps even money.  So many people don’t have the clue as in what they want so they just buy a bit of everything.  This leaves you a bit stressed out because you end up having a closet full of things you absolutely you do not wear.  I’ll use myself as an example.


If I go out shopping I know what my style is, ain't, who I am, and how to reflect it in my clothes. It’s just about knowing, understanding your body,who you are and what you wanna portray. I completely understand navigating in a career that seems very restrictive, but I’ve also changed my mindset to understand knowing my style Is and Ain’ts is basically custom making what part of my personality I’m gonna show to the world. It is an honor and a privilege for the world to see your personality. You want a sense of peace? Power? A sense of self? If starts with you. Be honest with yourself by setting standards for the clothes you wear. 

That's why I created Boss Lady Style. I got tired of seeing so many plus size beauties beat themselves up for believing all their style aint's define who they are. YOU DEFINE WHO YOU ARE. That does form a knowledge of everything that makes you unique. With Boss Lady Style I break it down to its simplest form. Go to bit.ly/letstalkboo and let's discuss how to make your style language clear. 


What a potato taught me about style & purpose | STYLE ADVICE

Now before you write me off as loopy here me out. lol.

It all started with sending a friend to the store for party food. She called and asked me what type of potato I wanted. I didn't know so she asked what was it's purpose. LIGHTBULB!


Think about it. How many types of potatoes are there? Too many to count. They each have different looks, colors, best uses, taste. DIFFERENT EVERYTHING. That's how I had to start thinking about people and their style. We are all unique in our own way, designed to be best used in different ways for different reasons. That's the beauty in individuality. No one can do you quite like you. You can't ask a sweet potato to taste and function like a Russet. Your style is simply an extension of that--it's who you are, your purpose and personality. That's the power of style. It can be a tool to speak for you in a way words can not. So you're sweet like sweet potato pie, be that boo. More savory and hearty like some garlic mashed potatoes? Embrace it. 

Now that I'm craving potatoes, I'll leave you with some questions-- Do you know your personality, purpose and how to communicate effectively with confidence and style? It's ok if you don't; that's why I'm here. Come talk to me. Seriously. Let's have a chat to see how we can get you in the right direction. Give me 30 minutes of your time and I promise to bring more solutions than you have problems. Sign up here for your free 30 minute discovery call.You'll even receive a PDF that includes my recommendations and a recording of our call. Give yourself the gift of style now. Can't wait to talk to you! 

BET Awards: Best Dressed | IN THE NEWS

The BET awards were held this Sunday in Los Angeles,California. I love the BET awards because the fashions always run the gamut, never leaving a dull moment. Although I do appreciate the performances ( The New Edition tribute was my favorite part!) and congratulate everyone who won the awards, I want to focus on of course the fashion. I'll pick just a few of my absolute favorites. Keep scrolling to see who made the cut.


Cardi B is making a splash in both the rap and fashion game. This look did not disappoint. She kept it very sexy with her signature plunging neck line.  I love this look because of the boldness of the red, her choice to go monochrome and the ability to make it pop even more with a platinum blonde bob. She chose to keep accessory simple and I agree.  The suit speaks for it self and she does a great job at pulling it off.  Congrats Cardi B!



Issa Rae has become more and more stylish by the day and this look is proof of it. She chose to do something that many people do but in a way that most don't dare to try. She took a classic blazer as the focal point of her look. She chose such vibrant colors and didn't back down by simplifying her accessories or hair. she kept both just as bold all the way through. This made something that was probably going to be more casual and bumped it up to glam, making it perfect for the BET awards. the only thing I would have changed would be the color of the shorts. Otherwise this look is on point.



Little mama is going through a style evolution and I am absolutely here for it. she's always been a gorgeous woman,but now she is embracing this effervescent glam style.  I cannot get enough it.  She chose to take this classic number and make little more sexy with a split goes up high and a neck line that goes down low. The metallic platform heels polish off this look in a way that I think many should take note of.


Leslie Jones

Now you know I had to give props to the lady in green! Leslie Jones is not only the host of the show, but she also rocked the red carpe.t She is owning this look. For those of you who have slimmer hips or don't have a well-defined waists, she has maximized her leg real estate and maximized her cleavage. This adds volume to her body in complementary places. She has chosen to make this a sexy look and keep it funky in a way that only she can. she has also kept it simple with the accessories.  This vibrant green is making her deep toned skin pop even more.  



Sky Jackson is officially on my "Can do no wrong style" list.  This girl just gets it.  She has the ability to not only dress for her age, but keep it fun, fashion forward and keep you guessing.  I love the appliqué lips that form a print. She is always able to make things pop and this look is no different. I am actually looking for this dress in my size ASAP.

Which look was your favorite? Is there a look you loved that I didn't mention? Tell me in the comments below. 

Green Maxi dress Feat. Shein | 3 Ways to Slay


It's been a while since the last 3WTS, so why not bring it back EGC style with a great staple piece in green? Where do I begin with this green maxi dress? It's so roomy, comfy and versatile for any closet. If you have a larger tummy, RUN AND GET THIS DRESS IN EVERY COLOR. If your weight fluctuates, RUN AND GET THIS DRESS IN EVERY COLOR. If you want a simple, cute staple, RUN AND GET THIS DRESS IN EVERY COLOR. I guess what I'm trying to say is RUN AND GET THIS DRESS IN EVERY COLOR.lol. Seriously, the fabric is very stretchy and flattering to virtually every size and body  type. Keep scrolling to see how I styled it.




Dress- Shein | Faux fur: Amazon | Head wrap: Beauty Supply store (similar)

I decided to go slightly glam with this look. I kept my waist defined with a standard belt and decided to keep the style top heavy. A faux fur is a simple way to glam up any look. This particular one is meant to be worn as a collar. I wrapped it at a diagonal because to show the way you can pair it with a necklace and/or head wrap. Going heavier on accessories on top is great if you have a smaller bust or fuller hips.




Dress- Shein | Pants: Eloquii (similar)

If you have a trouble finding longer tops, try a stretchy maxi dress. You can know it at the side like I've done here. That way you can adjust the dress to you needs. I love this option for my divas wit long torsos and or bigger tummies. You can make the "top, high low, crop top or any other style. Let your imagination run wild. The only pairing possible for such a striking green was an equivalent counterpart. This time I went with one of my favorite prints from Eloquii.        (My favorite store ever). I like the vibrancy of the print and how it compliments the deep toned green so well.Try a bright print/deep solid combo to spice up your closet.



Last , but least, is this look. I decided to keep it simple. Simple doesn't mean boring. The quickest way to make something go from Blah to BAM is an opulent statement necklace. You can never go wrong with pearls, so I chose a pearl necklace that can't be missed. Opt for an undo hairstyle to take this look up another notch.


Are you in love with the dress yet? I'm telling you, you need this dress in your life, it really is as great as I'm making it out to be. Which look was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. 

Top style trends for Summer 2017

I always preach about how having a strong personal style should not be based solely on trends. it is, however, important to be aware of trends so you know the number and range of offerings from season to season. If you have a style that likes to put your own twist of trendy items, it can also serve as a tool to make the best informed decision when buying clothes. Press play and scroll to see the hottest trends this summer and my top picks. 


Shirt dress 

Shirt dresses are soon to be all the rage this summer. I like the fact that they are flattering for all shapes. The freer forms of the dress are also great for the inevitably warmer weather. You won't feel constricted or sweaty. It's a simple option for a grab and go type of day. Best for summer brunches and cookouts. 



Outerwear doesn't have to take a break just because the weather warms up. Sleek robes are the new dusters this summer. They are made of thinner materials and also come with ties. Many of them are coming in vibrant stripes and silk, so they a no brainer pairing with basic summer dresses. Best for sitting by the pool or a casual chic addition to your workwear.  



THe freelance shoulder 

The cold shoulder trans has consistently shown up for the last 3-5 seasons and has no signs of waning. The new variation? The freelance shoulder. This is a one sided oversized shoulder that lays more openly than a  tradition off the shoulder collar. If you have broader shoulders or a bigger bust, this can be your preferred version of the off the shoulder trend. You don't have to worry about the traditional elastic riding up with the slightest movement. Move with comfort, ease and style. Best for running errands or spicing up cocktail hour.  




The color of summer is officially yellow. No apologies in this color. None at all. But there is no need to be scared. Yellow is a vibrant color that captures the #summertimefine theme that this summer may bring. Try a yellow skirt or shoes for a pop of unexpected color. 

No style= Poor business= No $$$


Every successful entrepreneur understands the need for image as apart of branding. It is an integral part of your success as a business. Click play and understand why.


Don't wait for your next level;meet it. Invest in yourself and invest in your business.




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Review : Victoria Beckham For Target

The Internet is all a buzz about today's official launch of Victoria Beckham's collab with Target. Victoria Beckham is no stranger to fashion--quite the opposite for those of y'all who've been sleeping under a rock. She is a modern day style icon for her sleek, polished style that displays a who's who of high fashion. So when she announced a collab with Target, it took everyone by surprise. I myself was a little apprehensive because Victoria is a very small women and most collabs with Target leave plus size women in the cold. So what is my take on the line as a whole? Keep scrolling. 

Top Girl's picks: Pick #1 | Pick #2 | Pick #3

Short story? I LOVE THIS LINE!!! It is definitely a more polished collab than I was expecting. Not because of Victoria but because of Target (I'm looking at you AVA and VIV). The overall vibe is sleek mod hippy chic and the plus section does not disappoint. Let's break this down.

Top Women's Picks : Pick #1 | Pick #2 | Pick #3 | Pick #4

Women's/girl's line: There are many different offerings for every type of style from minimalist to quirky. She has a nice balance of color and classic black. I also like the cuts. I'm glad she pushed sheath dresses hard. It is a very flattering silhouette on virtually all body types. A smart move if you are wanting the clothes to be accessible for all shapes and sizes.sizing goes up to size 16, which I think should be standard. I give it a solid 8.5.

Plus Top Picks: Pick #1 | Pick #2 | Pick #3 | Pick #4

Plus Sizes: Let's give sis a hand clap real quick. She literally took silhouettes from the main womens line and just did a larger scale form for plus size women. WHAT A NOVEL IDEA: GIVING PLUS SIZE WOMEN THE SAME CLOTHES AS SMALLER SIZES. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT PLUS SIZE WOMEN ARE WOMEN TOO? *insert sarcasm* While every silhouette is not translated to the plus section, most are. The sizing goes up to Size 26W!! The con: I'm in Chicago and not a single store offer the plus sizes. Ugh... I still think the plus section shouldn't have been separated, but a girl can dream, can't she? I give the Plus section a 7.5.

Price point: I have yet to feel the fabric of the items, but sight unseen, the price point is very fair. I guess I still have a chip on my shoulder from AVA & VIV and their crappy quality to price point ratio. Not with Victoria. The plus sizes are not that much higher than the smaller sizes.  These release is just in time for easter and I realize that's probably deliberate.  I give it a 9.


victoria bechkham target

Overall, this line get's a thumbs up with me. I will order one or two pieces and come back with a part 2. Go here and peruse around the collection. I have also shared my favorite Tell me what you think about the collection below. 


Pros: Price point, size range, style diversity

Cons: No Plus sizes in store, separate plus from women's section




*All pictures in this blog are courtesy of Target.com