Emerald Chronicles : It ain't perfect, but it's done

Today was a day for the books. Full of adjustments and obstacles, my stubborn perseverance shown through. After not taking pictures for almost half of this year (did you notice?) I wanted to dive back in head first. I planned to go a town or two over and take a few hours for pretty pics. But you what they say about making plans…..


Dress: SHEIN | Jumpsuit: Rainbows (Similar)

My photographer (aka my husband ) and I got a late start and had an unexpected detour to help my dad. Afterwards we just didn’t feel up to traveling. So my perfect plan was a dud. But that stubborn perseverance said let’s make due. I told hubby, hop in the car and let’s drive.

We went to our small town’s “downtown” which consists of a few prime locations we didn’t realize was there. We were tired and it was hot, but guess what? Pretty pics would be had. And they were. Even through the heat. And the unexpected traffic caused by a 3 back to back trains rolling through. And my profuse sweating. The circumstances wasn’t perfect, but the pictures were done.


Dress: SHEIN | Jumpsuit: Rainbows (Similar)

And that’s what mattered most—Knowing that waiting for perfect means you’re always waiting. Because Perfectionism is organized procrastination. Get it done and fix later. Or don’t.

What will you finally get done that you wanted perfect? Let me know in the comments?


Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 1.31.38 pm.png

Golden Skirt, Ivy Top | OOTD

A little change and surprise never hurt any closet. This combo came from a mistake order gone great and a minor change to the original garment. The skirt was originally a dress. But I loved the skirt so much I forgot that I ordered a dress. The color is also one that compliments most skin tones. It makes my skin pop and best of all it has some solid pockets. I’m a short girl so a maxi skirt has to sit high on me—perfect for my pear shape. Then there’s the shirt.


Top - SHEIN | Skirt- Grass fields


Top - SHEIN | Skirt- Grassfields

The top was originally extra long. Good if I had a longer torso, but that ain’t my reality. I had to get it taken up by a few inches. I only did this because I planned on styling it as a shorter top. You can play around with the length by tucking or tying.

The combination of the two colors is making the most of color blocking basics. Find out more here.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 1.31.38 pm.png

EGCTV #004: Website Review Grass Fields | Review & Try-on

This episode of EGCTV is a haul video highlighting Grass fields, An African print inspired clothing boutique. Watch the video below to see my full review and the look of the clothes.

Overall I was pleased with a few exceptions. I would recommend them and will buy from them again.

Navigation: 10

| It was very straightforward with not too many pages to navigate. I loved the simple, straight forward approach.

Sizing Chart: 8

| There are accommodating to many different sizes, I just wanted more plus size representation of the models.

Price Range: 9 

| Affordable piece, on and off the sales rack. Their sales rack, however, is a goldmine!

Style: 8 

| Love the balance of simple slacks and two pieces sets contrasting the colorful designs of the pants and skirts.

Shipping: 10

| From the UK, but came faster than their predicted shipping.

Quality: 9

| The seams, cuts and designs are impeccable. Simple was definitely done right.

Fit: 6

| The fabrics stretch , but do not thin. There are not bulging areas on the skirt nor the pants. The print pants were a strong no. Fit was not ok and I was told that I was not alone in my sentiments. Many have complained and they are now changing it completely.

Sale: 9

| Their sales area is epic. Go there First

Which Piece was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! Also watch the rest of the videos on my IGTV channel here.


Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 1.31.38 pm.png

3 Ways to Slay :

These trousers from Grassfields have helped fill an ever growing void in my closet. I don’t have many pair of pants at all, let alone khaki trousers. I’m a dress girl through and through, but I’m trying to expand my normal to mean stepping more outside my comfort zone. Once I ore them once, I knew I had to share all the potential these trousers could offer.


Shirt- Uniqlo | Duster - SHEIN | Trousers - Grass Fields

On the model, the pants laid flat. I had no delusions that they would do the same with my tummy. I kept that in mind with the first look by making sure my top laid right at where my waist and the pants met. Bringing it down too far would create a line of demarkation or bulk that isn’t there. I worked with where my tummy dictated it was best to go. Finish it off with a mesh duster for ease and chic comfort. Voila. Simple on the go look.


You can’t go wrong with a simply accented white blouse. Well…you can, but not this time. The neckline opens and can slide , so a brooch may be in your best interest if you’re busty. I polished of some of my sparklier pieces and decided against bows at the cuff. Knots will do.

Top- SHEIN | Trousers - Grass Fields


Top- Eloquii (similar) , (similar) | Trousers - Grass Fields

I won’t lie. This look is my favorite. It has a pop of fun with the to-that lets the real star of the show play a supporting role. I pulled them up higher because I don’t do midriff. My tummy is “exposed” but it doesn’t feel or look unflattering. The pants are that great.

Which way do you think played the most? Grab you Grass Fields trousers and tell me how you like them.



Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 1.31.38 pm.png

The DIY Striped Pants set | OOTD

This entire outfit is the result of an honest mistake. But it has become my favorite mistake. The two main striped pieces aren’t a set, but in fact a duster and Paper bag waist slack I bought at different points.


The duster was a great staple addition to my wardrobe with a belt I opted out of wearing this time and comfy slits in the back. It’s a great option for outwear in warmer climates. Thick blazer are a no for me and this Florida heat.

The paper bag waist pants were a risk hat paid off. I’m a pear shaped woman with a larger lower belly. the paperboy portion of the pant helps define my waist without clinging.


I could have gone with a classic white tee. The look would still have been clean and polished. But I’m currently having fun again with graphic tees and decided on something more fun. I was just following the tees’s directions— “Be as bold as your lipstick”. At this point this t-shirt is bold for me


Pant- SHEIN | Duster- SHEIN | Shirt- SHEIN

I combined the duster and pants once i realized Stripes of a feather must be worn together. lol. I’m definitely mixing and matching all there pieces , but this DIY pants set has shown me that a well curated wardrobe is full os stylish surprises.


Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 1.31.38 pm.png

Target Launches Plus Size Workwear line | In the News

This must be the year of clothing lines for Target. They have recently announced that they are going to roll out yet another in house clothing line , Prologue. Unlike many of the other lines that it has recently rolled out, this particular line has a workwear and size inclusive focus. Keep scrolling for details and my top picks.

The size range is larger than usual Target’s initial , running from xs-4XL. The max Bust/Waist/Hip measurements are 57/53.5/59 respectively. These measurements lend themselves to be accomodating for many body types and sizes.

The Prices are very affordable. Everything is $50 and under , making for a affordable work capsule.

Many of the pieces are cut in a way that are #corneroffice ready. I love the sleek designs and the simple but effective cuts. I wish there was just a bit more color. Basics don’t always have to be blacks, whites and 50 shades of gray. An orange pant or even a cream blouse would have made this entire collection pop a bit more. But I understand the practicality of keeping the color palette simple. I also wish that all pieces in the 95 piece collection were offered in all sizes.

Overall, the collection is a very strong debut. It gives very “grown woman” full of staple pieces that are far from boring. The line releases Sept. 14 and you may a piece or two soon on the blog. Which piece is your favorite? View the full collection here and tell me what you think.


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EGCTV #001: Shein.com Haul

Emerald Girl Chronicles is officially on IGTV! I took it upon myself to celebrate by sharing a haul of cute pieces I picked up from shein.com. Keep scrolling to see thew video haul, links to the items and some tips on how to care for the items. Dig in! 





Both of these dresses are great "grab and go" pieces for when you're running errands from day to day. The geometric sheath dress works well for virtually every body type and is easily customizable to to your shape with a short trip to a tailor.





Both of these tops contain hardware on them hooch means one thing: extra laundry care. To lengthen the shelf life of the tops, take it to the dry cleaners. Not only will the color stay crisper for longer, but the hardware will not tarnish. If something falls off, they may even be able to reconnect hardware. 



Both of these dusters are great starter pieces if you are new to shopping Asian based websites as a plus size woman. Since they are made to lay open and be free flowing, it can easily accommodate 


Which piece was your favorite? Don't forget to follow EGC on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in Plus Size style! 


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Spring is Here! : Online One Stop Shop expands to include Top Brands | IN THE NEWS

Spring, an online retailer, has served as the place to get your hands on hundreds of clothing brands without opening 1000 web tabs. As of June 2018, that list will now include some pretty familiar names in Plus size retail. 


In the few years since Spring's inception, Plus size fashion has exploded onto the mainstream. Spring has decided to reflect that according to the following quote:

Spring is committed to an inclusive shopping experience, offering the largest catalog of products, unparalleled value, and world class customer service for all customers

The ability for plus-size women to shop the most stylish brands in one great experience is severely limited; we hope to change that. Our goal is that all women feel represented on Spring, through our brand assortment, campaign images, and end-to-end experience.
— Katherine Prime, Spring's Chief Customer Officer

 Now their general sizing runs to a size 28 and  3X. I checked the largest sizes (26/28) to see if there was truly inclusivity or just a handful of frumpy pieces to check that inclusive box. The Verdict? Mixed. There are over 200 offerings, but 90% comes from 2 stores-- Eloquii & Hips and Curves. However, I won't write them off just yet, They are still compiling and one of the main reasons Eloquii is dominating the Pus Size market is because they offer stylish pieces that no one else does. I'll be on the lookout to see if any other retailers are added soon. 


What do you think of the new expansion to plus size awareness? Would you shop at Spring? Let me know in the comments?



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Karl Lagerfeld Stitch Fix Rant | In the News

I'm not going to waste your time and make you think I'm over the moon about Karl Lagerfeld. I'M NOT. He is no stranger to tactless comments about plus size women you can find here. He's never been a fan of plus size women and since, this plus size woman hasn't been a fan of his. He has however, decided to venture into the Plus size industry in a recent collab with Stitch Fix.  The collab , per fashionista.com, is detailed as follows:

"Karl Lagerfeld Paris (KLP), the eponymous, accessible brand the German creative icon launched in 2016 as part of his branded empire, began offering 15 classic feminine styles — think tweed blazers, pearl embellished knits, floral printed midi skirts — for Stitch Fix starting in April, with a refresh in May, followed by a new collection of fall options in August. Prices range from $39 to $148 (mid- to low-range prices compared to Stitch Fix’s existing offerings) and include sizes 1X to 3X and 14W to 24W."
The sudden appeal to a lower end price and larger bodies is keeping on trend with the exploding profits in plus size wear. I searched and found some pieces for review below

Lagerfeld should have stayed where he was. Many of these pieces look matronly and underwhelming. There are some redeeming pieces , but overall I'm not impressed. I love that some plus size bloggers have made it work with cute ensembles, but it's a strong no for me. Plus you would have to subscribe to stitch fix to even have access to the pieces and see the rest of the collection

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 1.11.08 pm.png


I know the tone of this blog is decidedly negative, but I believe it is warranted. What gives? This is yet another example of someone who obviously hates larger bodies , but wants their money. NO thanks. You can keep your ugly clothes and I can keep my money. What are your opinions? Let me know in the comments below. 



Royal Wedding Fashion| In the News

The world watched as Prince Harry married Meghan Markle yesterday in celebration of love. While many people focused on the music, guest list and the wedding dress, I was focused on the great weddings fashion taking place as the guests walked in. It was a great day for modest fashion and I was excited to see the parade of fascinators that topped off the great parade of pomp and circumstance. Let's dig into the top picks. 



What I loved most was that the conservative dress code never stopped the great style or creativity of what people chose to wear. This isn't your typical red carpet fare. showing skin is out and so are knees. They still delivered. Amahl Clooney was radiant in a canary yellow ensemble. She does simple very well with an A-Line cut and adds a flair with a simple train and veil. Expert tailoring made the difference. David Beckham maintained his sleek style with a very well tailored 3 piece suit, tails included. "Suits" co-star Gone Torres opted for an detailed floral number that complimented her slimmer figure. Her detail at the waist treated enough differentiation to stop the dress from looking boxy. 


The Mother of the Bride was radiant in a pale green number that packed an understated punch. I liked that she opted for 2 piece fit with a round hat that accented her loss. If you opt for a tee piece, take a note: Make sure that your dress is markedly shorter than the jacket. It will help elongate your silhouette and stop coordinates from looking too cheesy by being matchy matchy.


Serena WIlliams gave yall so many tips to copy, at this point, save her look into your phone right now.lol. Her look masters ruching completely. I hate most ruching because it isn't well placed. Serenas is expertly placed. Combined with the neck line, her ruching softened her strong shoulders and complimented her curvy figure at the waist. It allowed balanced to her fuller hips and bust.  Her color choice is also amazing. Brown skinned gems know that pale tones pop next to ebony hues. Even her hem length was spot on. Right under the knees works for virtually all tastes, heights and styles. Oprah represented for the full hourglass gals very well. She maintained her naturally defined waist with a simple stitched waist accent and kept it simple with tiered fabric. This allowed balance to her fuller bust so the look was not overwhelmed. Yet another pale pink against beautiful brown skin. 

Also notice Oprah's neckline was a little deeper. A higher neckline on a full bust would knock off the natural proportion of an hourglass figure. Princess Beatrice shined in a beaded blue ensemble that was not only well made, but well styled. When wearing an embellished dress, keep the accessories simple. Beatrice also got the sleeves right. If you like covered arms but don't like heavy fabric, go sheer; it's the best of both worlds. Karen Spencer wowed in a purple ensemble by adding layers and flair up top without overwhelming her body. She balanced an ornate headpiece with a simple short cape. A long cape would have been a little too much. 

Let's talk Priyanka. Sis said we will get a cute and covered slay and that we did. There is so much I could say, but I will say it like this-- always be aware of proportion and cut. They will create and save a look every time. What Priyanka does so well is allow good tailoring and construction elevate simple silhouettes. 

Which look was your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below!



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Met Gala 2018 | Red Carpet Review

Another year, another Met gala. But this one was a bit different. The theme was controversial "Heavenly Bodies". Many yelled sacrilege, but the Vatican gave the official approval nod and everyone made their best statements. Let's look at my top picks.


At this point it's like Rihanna is just inviting us to her to her slay party. She plays proportions, fabric and colors well. Wearing lots of fabric doesn't mean frumpy nor does it have to overwhelm your body. Take a tip form Rihanna and play with lengths. Long duster, short dress. Ornate head piece, simple shoes. 

Solange came with avant grade with a hint of Tyrone. lol. Her look was all black and she rocked a head piece that topped a du rag and she still served glam. She uses the same formula as Rihanna and uses atypical textures to bring out her radiant skin. I love her fearlessness. 

J.lo Is a master of making anything work in what works for her. High slit, strategic, flattering cutouts and high glam. Her trademark.  Take note. Never adjust to trends and parameters. Make them adjust to you. 


Chadwick is omy secret celb crush and this look just cements why. He's not afraid to take risks with his fashion or rock ornate clothing. Men can wear capes too. `The gold and white was never too much and the gold shoes were a great touch.

Lena Waithe chose to make a big statement and it paid off. Not only was her cape expertly designed, but the colors all complimented her confident look. Take a note from Ms. Waithe and never apologize for who you are.

And last but certainly not least, Ms. Cardi B. She is a glowing mother to be who accentuated her tummy expertly. Ladies with a tummy, TAKE NOTE. She added volume to the sides and added volume up top. Without prior knowledge, it would be hard to tell she was carrying a bundle of joy. She is here to stay and here to slay!


Which look was your favorite? Let me know in the comments !





3 Ways to Slay : Graphic tee | Feat. My Beautiful Fluff & a special guest

Here at EGC, I believe that style is what you make of it. So many stylists in training have a long list of don'ts and a short list of do's. It's time to change it up and embrace the potential in everything you wear. What better way to do that than with one of the most under styled items in your closet-- the graphic tee.  Most just try on a graphic tee with a pair of jean and call it a day. With this 3W2S I hope to inspire you to more than a pair of jeans for your next comfy casual ensemble. I chose to style this funky tee from my fave at My Beautiful Fluff. Let's scroll and slay!


For this first look, I decided to dress up the graphic tee with a simple culottes /turban combo. This is a great ensemble for if you are running errands or even Casual Friday at the office. Opting for a alternative bottom that isn't denim allows the tee to look less casual and more glam. Think of a head wrap or ornate head band in place of a turban. Throw on a blazer for a dress casual look. My special guest (aka my niece Delilah) fell in love with the I Love my Fluff tote and stepped in for the slay as well.lol.


With this 2nd look, I simply switched out bottoms and earrings. It made all the difference. Who said a graphic tea had to be casual. Throw on a block midi skirt and turn it glam. It's all in what you make it. It doesn't take much except a willingness to see more in the clothes you wear than what seems safe and familiar. Throw on some cute heels and you're ready for a night on the town, or at least Chic fil A with your niece after a photo shoot. If you want more flair, try a circle skirt. 

Now for the finale-- I couldn't possibly leave Delilah out of the fun. Style versatility can never start to early. To make this tee both stylish and 13 year old friendly, I thought to keep it simple. A pair of legging, Retro Skater earrings, sparkly flats and that radiant smile do all the work. If you want your tween to have a bit more pizazz, headwear is the way to go. Delilah already has a one sided pinned do, but the hat from look 2 would still work well. 


Take these 3 looks and apply them to your own closet. Take  that graphic tee (from My Beautiful Fluff if you dare) and make it work like it never has before.  Which look was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. 



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*Looking Fly in the Sky: Dressing for Airport travel

  I recently traveled to Atlanta to spend time with my little sis and escape from the frigid Chicago air.(#airportselfie warning) It was a much welcomed break that could break my cabin fever. While packing my suitcase (two hours before) my fight, I realized that I never shared my tips on travel wear on the blog. Travel wear can make or break a comfortable travel experience. But I have picked up a few tips for a cute casual look that won't have you feeling constricted.

Loose layers are your friend

ORD mirrors & lighting are the best!:cD

Leggings- Avenue (similar)

Tunic-Old navy (similar)

Traveling from chilly Chicago to cool Atlanta means I had to have built in layers into my look. Layers allow you to be as warm or cool as you want in no time. It also allows you to dress for the (likely) different climates of your two destinations. Wearing loose clothing will allow for easy security screenings and freer feeling when you're in those tight seats. (I'm usually an economy ticket girl unless the flight is international and/or 5+ hours.)

Look for breathable fabrics


Cardigan -H&M (similar)

My go to fabrics: Cotton and jersey with a splash of stretch. These fabrics prevent you from feeling stuffy. They also feel gentle on skin after hours of of moving and sitting. I tend to apply this to my bottoms if I can. A pair of jeggings, pencil pants or even yoga pants may be your bottom of choice.

Try tunics or dresses

This bathroom would not let me be great.lol

Dress- F21

These articles of clothing have always provided me the most comfort and adaptability when I'm traveling from place to place. If I get too cold, I can easily throw on some pants. Too hot? cardigan and other potential layers go into my carry on. I am also very hot natured, so if it's particularly cold on the plane I simply lay my cardigan on my legs. Adjust as needed.

Other useful (non fashion) travel tips

  • BRING HEADPHONES...you'll thank me later

  • Pack gum for cabin dryness and altitude

  • Bring PB&J and granola and fruit as snacks

    • can be brought from home and pass through security; more info found here and here

    • Bring empty water bottle

      • It can be filled after security check

Ciao for Now,


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Oscars 2018 Red Carpet Looks | In the news

The Oscars 2018  happened this Sunday, and the Red carpet didn't disappoint. I noticed quite a few trends that popped up on the red carpet. Let's see the latest and greatest come together for a night of fashion and art. 



Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 1.26.33 pm.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 1.06.22 pm.png

The stars showed up and showed out in white! I loved the display of crisp whites was bolstered by expert construction. Jane Fonda wowed in a fitted gown that had a drastic cut out neckline. She is a good example of never letting age dictate having a striking style. Janet mock's whimsical train polished her mermaid gown. This look is perfect for you gems that have boxier frames. Mary J Blige didn't disappoint with this detailed gown. Her pear shaped frame shined with the constructed draping up top that accentuated her frame. If you are a fuller bottomed woman like Mary, follow her lead and focus the detailed from bust to hip. 



The ladies weren't alone on the best dressed list this year. The men definitely stepped up their game. Armie Hammer took a risk with his full burgundy velvet suit. The risk paid off. It offered a modern twist on the sometimes mundane world of tuxedos. Chadwick Bose man updated the tuxedo look with decorated lapels on an all black look. The added length of the jacket breathes life into the already sharp look. 



Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 1.07.17 pm.png

Bling, feathers, flounce and more were on the menu for fashion. These gems took simple silhouettes to the next level with maximum texture. Zendaya shines, as usual, with a one sleeve draped gown. I love how she has fun with style while still having that touch of classic style. Try this in your own style journey by adding a texture to a simple silhouette . Get a sequined a line skirt; a velvet blouse. 

Which look was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


Best Jeans for Every Body Type Feat. My Beautiful Fluff Boutique

Jeans are a staple in every closet no matter the diva, style or personality. But all jeans aren't created equal or the same. Finding the right pair of jeans can be overwhelming, but your Style BFF is here to help. Today I'll share the best jeans for every body type and match them with my top picks from the fabulous My Beautiful Fluff boutique so you'll never have to guess again.

Let's start with body types. There are 5 basic body types: Hourglass, Apple, Licorice (straight), Inverted Triangle and Pear. NOTE: Body types have nothing to do with  size. You can be an hourglass at a size 4 or size 44. These body types are referring to the shape and contour of your body. Each body type has specific characteristics that inform you on how how clothes will fit. When it comes to jeans, this is paramount. 

Now that we have named the body types, we'll discuss them in detail and pick the best way to accentuate each one.





Your body is synonymous is symmetry. Most of your work is done, so jeans are usually an issue when made a bit boxy. Choose silhouettes that accommodates your fuller hips and thighs.

High waist jeans are an absolute must. Not wearing jeans that define your waist will cause your clothes to bunch it places it shouldn't. Also aim for fuller jeans to keep the balance of your already portioned body intact.If you want to spice it up, try a cropped jean in a darker wash. Pair them with the Curvaceous Curls tee from My Beautiful Fluff and voila!

Take some style inspo from the look to the right for your hourglass shape and grab one of my top jean picks below. 

Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 1.26.20 pm.png






As an apple body type, you often have to focus on your tummy. I offer a different perspective-- No that the tummy will be there and celebrate everything else. You have great legs, so your show that off. You're slimmer in the hips, so you will actually have an easier time with jeans if you know what to look for. 


Aim for a mid rise Jean. The will guarantee that the jeans are high enough to pull over your hips and low enough to not cut deep into your belly and create more bulge. Choose a thicker jean or a skinny jean to play up those beautiful legs. Pair them with the Signature Tank from My Beautiful Fluff and a blazer for effortless chic. 


Take some style inspo from the look to the right for your apple shape and grab one of my top jean picks below. 

Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 1.29.50 pm.png



You have complete symmetry head to toe, so finding a pair of jeans will be straight forward. KEEP YOUR SYMMETRY. You have the best "problem"-- that everything is so even. Play that up with a simple pair of jeans. If you want something a little flashier, make sure you compliment that head to toe.


Try a low rise cuffed jean that is fuller at the bottom. It will not only add volume without bulk, it will give your overall silhouette some dimension. Pair it with a Kiss my Fluff tee to accentuate your symmetry. 

Take some style inspo from the look to the right for your licorice shape and grab one of my top jean picks below. 

Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3






Your strong features shine in a great top, but jeans may leave you frustrated. In your case more is more is more. Embrace your individuality and let it shine through. 


Try ripped, acid wash and lighter wash jeans. It will add a fullness on the bottom that is naturally at the top. Try fuller cut cuffed jean for a chic twist on your jeans. Pair it with the Black and White baseball tee and a duster. 

Take some style inspo from the look to the right for your Inverted Triangle and grab one of my top jean picks below. 

Pic 1 | Pic 2 Pic 3







Your curvy figure usually has problems with jeans fitting your hips and waist at the same time. While there are jean companies that cater to your curves, a tailor may be your best option. Most jeans are made with the licorice or inverted triangle body type. Don't be discouraged. It just means digging a little harder or coming to you style BFF for more answers. 



Try a fuller cut jean in a darker wash to balance a fuller mid section and smaller top. If you want a lighter wash, try boot cut. You want to make above and below the hip area seem as full as the hip area. Add a Keep Calm and Love Your Fluff tee and you're all set! 

Take some style inspo from the look to the right for your Pear shape and grab one of my top jean picks below. 

Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3


A graphic tee and jeans are a classic combo that will never go out of style. Invest in a great pair of jeans and grab a tee from My Beautiful Fluff for a great go to for virtually every occasion from super casual to semi formal.



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Premme releases Spring 2018 collection | In the News

The Smash hit Plus size brand Premme just released their Spring 2018 offerings. It's only been about 2 weeks and some items are already sold out. Keep scrolling to see some of my top picks. Click on any picture to take you to the product page. 

Jess Jumpsuit

Jess Jumpsuit

Overall, I think they got black and white right. I was surprised that they didn't go with the typical burst of color most lines do during spring. I think it's a smart move to put out pieces that are in classic colors in simple cuts to build up versatility.  I have my eye out for the jumpsuit and moto jacket. 

Extra Essential Moto

Extra Essential Moto

Plisse Pant

Plisse Pant

Vittoria Blouse

Vittoria Blouse

Which piece is your favorite? See all the other pieces in the collection, go to Premme's page .



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