Diamonds are a girl's worst friend

The diamond is seen as a symbol  of class, money, wealth, with a strong association to perfection. Some people also associate it with starting from very ugly and very dirty like carbon or coal and under so much pressure of life , finances or relationships, it creates this  clear, perfect jewel.  It's also a correlation between the hardships of life of being on the other side but it always emphasize the clarity and the perfection, the elite status of it all. The “I am survivor, I got the other side, I look so much better on the other side of it. I am not that dirty, crusty coal or carbon. I went out of the pressure and came out perfect, gleaming and bright” narrative. I'm for it in the sense that it solidifies self love. But I'm not for perfection because it's unattainable.  It also pushes us to be something that we are not. We are not perfect. Far from it. We are not going to be crystal clean and a crystal clear on the other side of our tribulations. Sometimes, life leaves a mark on us, that’s a reality of it. 

Sometimes that bad relationship leaves a bad mark on us.  Sometimes that job it wears us down. Some parts of life are not as lovely as we thought. Parts of ourselves that we have learned to not love as much leaves a mark. We have imperfections but it's our nature as human beings. Let that perfection go. It is not your best friend. What’s your best friend? authenticity.

 I tried to be diamond, ; the most valuable diamond; the most perfect diamond with the most clarity. It was tiresome and I never felt complete. Authenticity allowed me to accept the things I couldn't change and change the things I couldn't accept. It set a standard for me to have realistic expectations and that manifested itself in all areas of my life. I started to take pride in myself because I realized that I have a unique perspective, personality, purpose and plan. It shouldn't be minimized by the limited concept of perfect. That's why I embrace the emerald-- all are inherently flawed and beautifully unique because of it. The striking green hue is a sign of growth and prosperity. Embrace the Emerald view of life-- rejecting perfection, understanding flaws and the beauty uniqueness while prospering from accepting the truth. Your new best friend is waiting. Will you embrace her?


Review : Victoria Beckham For Target

The Internet is all a buzz about today's official launch of Victoria Beckham's collab with Target. Victoria Beckham is no stranger to fashion--quite the opposite for those of y'all who've been sleeping under a rock. She is a modern day style icon for her sleek, polished style that displays a who's who of high fashion. So when she announced a collab with Target, it took everyone by surprise. I myself was a little apprehensive because Victoria is a very small women and most collabs with Target leave plus size women in the cold. So what is my take on the line as a whole? Keep scrolling. 

Top Girl's picks: Pick #1 | Pick #2 | Pick #3

Short story? I LOVE THIS LINE!!! It is definitely a more polished collab than I was expecting. Not because of Victoria but because of Target (I'm looking at you AVA and VIV). The overall vibe is sleek mod hippy chic and the plus section does not disappoint. Let's break this down.

Top Women's Picks : Pick #1 | Pick #2 | Pick #3 | Pick #4

Women's/girl's line: There are many different offerings for every type of style from minimalist to quirky. She has a nice balance of color and classic black. I also like the cuts. I'm glad she pushed sheath dresses hard. It is a very flattering silhouette on virtually all body types. A smart move if you are wanting the clothes to be accessible for all shapes and sizes.sizing goes up to size 16, which I think should be standard. I give it a solid 8.5.

Plus Top Picks: Pick #1 | Pick #2 | Pick #3 | Pick #4

Plus Sizes: Let's give sis a hand clap real quick. She literally took silhouettes from the main womens line and just did a larger scale form for plus size women. WHAT A NOVEL IDEA: GIVING PLUS SIZE WOMEN THE SAME CLOTHES AS SMALLER SIZES. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT PLUS SIZE WOMEN ARE WOMEN TOO? *insert sarcasm* While every silhouette is not translated to the plus section, most are. The sizing goes up to Size 26W!! The con: I'm in Chicago and not a single store offer the plus sizes. Ugh... I still think the plus section shouldn't have been separated, but a girl can dream, can't she? I give the Plus section a 7.5.

Price point: I have yet to feel the fabric of the items, but sight unseen, the price point is very fair. I guess I still have a chip on my shoulder from AVA & VIV and their crappy quality to price point ratio. Not with Victoria. The plus sizes are not that much higher than the smaller sizes.  These release is just in time for easter and I realize that's probably deliberate.  I give it a 9.


victoria bechkham target

Overall, this line get's a thumbs up with me. I will order one or two pieces and come back with a part 2. Go here and peruse around the collection. I have also shared my favorite Tell me what you think about the collection below. 


Pros: Price point, size range, style diversity

Cons: No Plus sizes in store, separate plus from women's section




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Emerald Girl Chronicles #001- Creating the fun I want to have



When I woke up this morning, I wasn't in the best of moods. I had gotten a few hours of sleep, I felt frustrated about school and I wrote 4 blog posts that never saved. I was already over it. But I'm stubbornly optimistic, so I decided to take pics in order to pep myself up and still be productive. My ever supportive husband drug me out of bed and I decided if he was committing his time, the least I could commit was a positive attitude. That was easy once I got to play dress up.:cD.



Getting dressed is therapeutic to me at this point in my life. You'll always hear me say this, but I truly believe it-- A great sense of style starts with a great sense of self. Once I started looking for clothes, my mood spiked. I instantly asked myself what I wanted. My answer? Joy and fun. I just wanted to feel better and look at my current life situations in a new light. It was a reminder that happiness that day was a choice that was all my own. If I wanted to be my usual bright,peppy self, all I had to was BE IT. Once I picked my clothes, I decided to take the fun up a notch and go to a park.



Boy did I have fun! Even when I was a kid, I didn't play this much on the playground. lol. I though my mini shoot would be ruined by the fact that I had no where to change. NOPE. I just changed in a corner. Now before you get wide eyed, note that I simply put layers on top of each other. No biggie. In the midst of changing my clothes, I accidentally came across an awesome mixed print look and instantly realized my new three look shoot was now a 3 ways to slay installment. #winning Once we saw kids coming, we promptly walked home in high spirits and low worries. I was myself again. 


I wanted to chronicle this day so that you realize happiness is yours for the taking. YOU have the power to make your own day brighter. It's all up to you. Try dressing up tomorrow and find out what you want to accomplish. Stick with it and make it work. I know you can. For the month of March on periscope I am scoping under the theme of #allaboutthegreen. I'll talk all things green--Emerald Girl lifestyle, luck and money by showing you how to prosper in all three.   The first ten days are all about the EGC lifestyle including finding your happy. Join me here everyday @9 am and let's be green together. 

3 Ways to Slay: Bold Print | Lookbook feat. Eloquii

I looooooooove print as much as the next girl. But loving them and wearing them are two different things. I wear them often, but many women are too scared. The usual reasons? It will create too much attention; they don't know how to wear them. This installment of 3 ways to Slay (#3W2S) shows me taking the challenge head on while being a kid again on the playground. You KNOW I love Eloquii and as usual, they are highlighted in this lookbook. I would suggest them for bold prints you won't find anywhere else.  Keep scrolling for pics and Link details. 


Pants: Eloquii (similar) | Shirt: Old Navy | Button up: Geoffrey Beene | Shoes: Similar here

These pants give a fun take on the classic leopard print. If you are a little timid about bolder pieces, choose a standard print (stripe, leopard, polka dot) in an atypical color. This not only allows you to be more comfortable with brighter colors, but it makes a bold impression. And bold's the whole point, right? Most people pair something bold with a basic black or white. That is definitely a great start. If you would like to "cut" your print, I say add another color. In this instance, it was a deeper royal blue. I actually stole this button up from my husband's side of the I like to wear men's button ups because they tend to have more structure and made with thicker fabrics. I simply tie it up to keep the fun of the look consistent. If you want some button ups, try the men's section. You'll thank yourself later. 


Top: Eloquii

Let me be honest. This outfit was a complete accident. XD I was changing clothes and my husband/photographer simply said "Hey! That works!" Voila-- a look was born. Mixing prints are the last frontier in my style journey. I admittedly was timid about approaching it, but in the last few months have been cultivating my approach to mixing print in a way that was indicative of me. It's a true process and on the other side, I will share full details. Just know that now, I am copy with mixing prints and that there is no one right way to do it. Try it yourself. Don't ask if it looks right;simply ask if you like it and go. This particular pairing works because of it's complimentary color scheme. Different prints work together for different reasons. Try and experiment this week and see what you some up with. 


Leggings: Eloquii | Shoes: Similar Here

When it comes to this print, I like to play it up and down. This fun print is perfect for someone wanting to try something new. If you want to go outside of basics, go geometric. A triangular or square pattern may be easier to style for you because of its inherent symmetry. I decided to dress down this top with THE BEST LEGGINGS ON THE That was a bit much, but I stand by these leggings being the most solid, non opaque, warm, stretchy leggings you will find anywhere. A strongly recommended item for your wardrobe. In this look, the leggings play supporting actor just enough to take a usual dressy top and makes it casual fun. I chose flat shoes, but it you want a more flirty casual look, wear some pumps or sandals. The simplest edit can change this entire look. That's the beauty of a bold print. 

Which outfit was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Try wearing a bold print this week. If you do, send it to or post it on social media using the hashtag #3W2S. Can't wait to see what you try. 

The search for the perfect white search

The white shirt is an iconic symbol of classic style. With many classic things, there are many differing versions of it. No matter the variation, it serves as one of the most versatile pieces you can own. There is, however, a very important fact to remember – ALL WHITE SHIRTS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. I’m sure you may know this, but you may not know where to find quality shirts. You know the deal. I’ve done the work for you and am happy to share. Keep scrolling for my top picks and reviews.




Eloquii- If you are new, you must know one thing about me—Eloquii is one of my favorite stores. You will see it often. like now. This shirt is, not surprisingly of high quality. It has that perfect taut/stretch ratio that all women want out of their shirts. As an essential piece, it stands up to the wear and tear of multiple seasons of use. I love wearing this shirt because it makes me feel secure that nothingwill ride up and be exposed. 




JCP- This has been my standard for years.  The product’s quality has never changed, except to get better. It is not opaque, unlike many similar shirts from competitors. My favorite aspect about it is its softness. The other shirts I’ve come across were great in design, but had material that made me want to adjust all the time.  This shirt does not. I often rely on JCP for many of my solid basics because of their history with dependable quality. This shirt is no different. I have this turtle neck multiple colors, but the white is a repeat buy.


 Macy's - This shirt is a simply must have. It is stiff enough to have some form, but soft enough adjust to natural body movement. The quality is typical Ralph Lauren, so no need to worry. Don’t gasp too hard at the price. A solid white button up should be an essential item in your wardrobe. It is versatile and classic. For this reason, you must consider it an investment that pays for itself over time. This shirt will not disappoint you.


Hopefully my list has served as a great starting place for your standard whites. Which one is your fave? Leave your comments below. 


Ciao for Now,