Being an emerald in a world full of diamonds

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My e-courses make the most complicated parts of fashion & style simple. Through easy to follow lessons, you'll get closer to discovering a style all your own. 


This course helps you discover your body type and the clothes that will make you you your best based on your findings. Additionally, the course will give you celebrity examples (Both Straight and Plus Sized)  and lookbooks for every body type. Presented in an easy, straightforward format, Shaping Up breaks down every step ensuring that you will complete the course efficiently. Many lessons include "cheat sheet" summaries at the end of each lesson. The course can be done in a single afternoon if you have a friend and measuring tape handy; No hassle. If you want to stop wasting money on regret buys and finally feel great in everything you wear, enroll in the course today!

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Aren't you tired of looking at a full closet and still feeling like you have nothing to wear? If so, try this course to love your morning routine again. We will sift through all the clothing and find the wardrobe you love in five simple steps. You will take a day and rehab your entire wardrobe. We organize according to article of clothing and present questions that make each piece's destination clear. Afterwards we examine shopping habits to pinpoint where impulse buys transform into regret buys. We finish by talking confidence and tips to ensure future buying success. If you are ready to change your wardrobe for the better, register for this class today!

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