Shop like a Gem: Online Shopping Masterclass

Turn newbie to pro with this hour masterclass. If you are scared of online shopping or have been unsuccessful in the past, EGC is coming to the rescue. We uncover all the online shopping tips, tricks and hacks that have saved me weeks worth of time, lifetimes worth of energy and college tuition levels of money. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to effectively shop on line
  • Strategically use sales and website layout to find the best deals
  • How to get paid to shop online
  • How to find quality clothes without trying them on
  • How to find hundreds of options not available in person
  • A list of 50 websites to provide many  options and get you started your new Online shopping pro journey

Purchase your seat in the webinar and receive:

  • Exclusive access to the private webinar LIVE

  • Access to the replay after the fact

  • A 5 page guide to take notes and understand the online resources

  • a list of 50 websites pre approved by personal stylist to 400+ people

  • Ability to ask all the burning questions about online shopping you want answered

Grab your seat  now!---> Click the pic