Welcome to the Shop Your Shape Masterclass. The entire course is broken down over 5 simple parts. Click on each part's banner or title to take you to the material

Part 1- Understanding Your Body

We do an overview of the course to allow you to understand the process you will go through. We also get to the bottom of your body. We acknowledge it by its natural contour and characteristics in order to equip you when styling your body.

Bonus- Cheat Sheet and Worksheet


Part 2- Finding Your Body Type

We go through the do's and dont's of measurements. Who should take them, how they should take them and what to wear for the most accurate results. We then unlock the last step to discovery by calculating your results. 

Bonus- Cheat Sheet, Worksheet and Measurement calculators


Part 3- Knowing Body Type

Now that you know your body type for sure, we can learn all about you. We go over the combo of characteristics specific to your body type, what go to silhouettes to wear and Celebrity "Shape Sisters" that share your body type as a source of inspiration. 

Bonus- Body Type Cheat sheet


Part 4- Shape Sisters : Straight Size Collection

Let's find real world examples--well as real world as celebs can get of course. We analyze the good, bad and ugly of what they where in order to influence what may work best for you

Bonus- Celebrity Shape sister (Straight Size)


Part 5- Shape Sisters : Plus Size Collection

You KNOW I couldn't leave out some plus size examples. Size makes a difference with clothing , so you will also receive examples of fuller versions of every body type.

Bonus- Celebrity Shape sister (Plus size  Size)