Having a piece of the Personal Stylist Experience everyday

Do you want to get your style back on track? Want a wardrobe that speaks to your inner stylista and keeps you fab on a daily basis? Want to look forward to getting dressed and learning to keep yourself accountable? Get ready to do it all like a style pro with the Curated Stylista planner.

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 1.36.45 pm.png

The planner is geared towards the stylista who wants more from the things she wears and the accountability to make sure it happens. The planner includes:

  • Body type breakdown to clarify how your fabulous fish shaped

  • Style profile to put out your best style features on paper

  • Monthly and weekly prompts to keep you honest about utilizing your closet for ease to record your daily logs to review growth and consistency

  • Space to jot down to do list daily like a traditional planner

So much more!


Grab the planner and have your own personal stylist in planner form. This 150+ page planner is already formatted to start any time of year, so don’t wait until a new year to get a new stylish you.