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Sometimes the best place to start is over. For the Gem in training (That’s you btw) mining for the best version of you, the real you, is as simple. The Style Mine is a style overhaul that finds, clarifies and celebrates you. There is something special inside of you. This process will extract the gem that is your personal style and polish it so you can never settle for frumpy or frustrated again.


You'll also receive monthly access to new webinars and supplemental tools that will keep you on track.



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Your style is an extension of your personality. A lack of style just means we have to find that gem personality again. Meh is not an option. We take you from “CZ” to “Gem” in four easy steps. We discover your unique gifts and talents that make your personality shine bright and confirm your worth. It allows you to shed “CZ” profile that isn’t the authentic you. We work to let go of the toxic thoughts and actions holding you back and creating the “CZ”. Then we clarify the parts of your personality that are most prominent and see how to show them in your style. 

Once we figure out your stylish point of view, we apply it to your closet with a Wardrobe Detox. You must get rid of anything that isn’t speaking to the best of you. This 4 part master class delves into why those regret buys, ugly clothes live in your closet. With Wardrobe Detox, we purge your closet of any “CZ’s”, analyze why they are there and harming your confidence. Then we look at the “Gems” in your closet and understand what makes them work. Finally we establish a new standard for any clothes you add to your closet. 


You now have a closet full of “Gems” that speak to your style, but what do you do with them? You simply Shop Your Closet. With Shop Your Closet, we take a small part of your closet , mix and match options to create new looks. All to build your style muscle and bring your creativity to life. 

SO you have mastered your current closet, but what about adding some new gems? That only comes by successfully Shopping Your Shape. We delve into your beautiful and what’s the best fit. We discover the importance of your measurements and how to take them to discover your body type. Your body type unlocks the key to go to silhouettes that are best for it. We also give you celebrity examples, both straight and plus sized. 


Take yourself through the entire immersive process of a full Style revamp. Find your style at your own pace on your own terms. Subscription includes:


  • 4 step "Style Mine System
  • Access to EGC Library (100+ videos)
  • Webinars added monthly
  • Additional Style Supplemental tools from the EGC vault
  • Access to Private FB group to ask any and all questions 
  • 24/7 access to EGC email


Get the full experiences of mining your style and receive constant access to your new style BFF!